Check and change baby's diaper if needed.

It is not good to be too hot or too cold. Normal body temperature for children is between 36 and 37.5 degrees. If the child has 38 degrees or higher, it is considered a fever. You can check in the child's neck. If in doubt, measure the temperature with a thermometer.

The child's body temperature is measured most accurately with a thermometer in the rectum. At a temperature below 36 degrees or above 38 degrees for a child under 3 months, a doctor should be contacted for an assessment.

Check whether the child is hungry. Try to breastfeed or give a bottle. Babies younger than four months old need feeding every two-four hours around the clock. All infants have «økedøgn". This means that they feed more frequently in limited periods.

The baby needs you in order to feel secure. If it can’t see or feel you, it doesn’t understand that you’re near at hand

Children often cry when they are tired, stressed or over-stimulated. Every child needs a lot of sleep and rest. A newborn needs an average of 13 to 17 hours of sleep a day. They often get tired after 1-2 hours awake. There is no definitive on how to make a child calm down or fall asleep. Some swaddle the baby, some take the baby for a stroll or in the car, other children calmed down by sounds like a vacuum cleaner, water flowing, or an adult making shhhh-sounds and comfort the baby.